Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fishing Trip with Grandpa

Grandpa loves to fish and better yet he loves taking his two grandson's Caden and Conner with him when he goes. He loves to fish the banks of Scofield, when the boat is still at Lake Powell. It's the end of June when hot weather forces the move to cooler climates. The boat is then trailered from Lake Powell and finds the slip up the Strawberry Reservoir, another favorite fishing venue he fishes regularly in the summer. The boys had a great time with grandpa! I'm sure there were a few fish stories floating around! Fishing was good, company was great and the day was one of the best all year! Another fond memory for all!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Daughter's Tribute - Happy Mother's Day

To my mother, with all my love and appreciation
for all you have given me.
Your daughter, Stephanie

What life would there be

to what one do I owe
A women of faith
whom I love and bestow

She's taught me what's right
and she leads by example
And always with love
offers guidance and counsel

Very proper and gracious
by all she is sought
A lady of purpose
her values never forgot

It is on this Mother's Day
for I wish her to know
I will be forever touched
by her sweet inner glow

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, I hope you don't think I'll be following in your footsteps as the next family poet. It really doesn't come naturally for me, sorry. Love you!

My Mother, Muriel Jenkins Heal Bywater

Thursday, May 6, 2010

D.I. Finds

It is the little things that make the moments mean so much. Like the day I took Conner and Allie to GG (Great Grandmothers) house for a visit.
GG has so many fun unusual toys and games to play with it. It's
the newness, the surprising, and peculiar items that
makes the visit more adventurous. They had a great time......

And then the trip to DI (Deseret Industries) to
find a "treasure"! (My favorite past time!) I got more fun out of seeing the look on their faces when they found not one but four Webkinz. Their favorite furry friends!

Allie and Conner loved playing with Grandpa Gordon's model car collection. It made me a little nervous because they were very fragile and probably very collectible. They loved playing with the music box GG keeps for special visits, such as this. They
had a great time. We will be back again real soon GG, thanks and we love you!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Special Day of Celebration!

It seem like yesterday that our first grandchild was born on that beautiful sunny 4th of July nine years today. His name would be known as Caden Nicholas Parcell. He entered this world with a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face, as if he knew this was a special day of celebration. He knows what this day represents, and has always been so happy to share his birthday with all American's. It was this picture, I took today, that captured his sweet acknowledgement of its meaning. I am proud of Caden and what he has become and what he stands for. He loves his country! And so, again we celebrate Caden's birth and the birth of our freedom, to which I know Caden will always hold dear to his heart. He has brought us all much joy and happiness. Happy Birthday Caden, we love you!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Just A Farmer"

To this man, I pay tribute to. He came into my life when Nick was just 4 years old. He told me, he wanted to love us and take care of us. He has always been there for us in every way. At the early age of 15, he lost his father. He found out at that point in his life, the responsibilities that lies in providing a foundation for a family. He was the oldest of three boys and faced hardships and challenges most adult men don't ever confront. He knew he had to take care of his family! There was never any question, any uncertainty or doubt in his mind. A man of hard work, honesty, loyalty and above all, a man of love. He raised two wonderful boys, for which I know they both grew to know of the importance of providing for each of their families. It is his simple and unpretentious love that is reflected in each of his boys, Jeff and Nick. I watched them grow into men of principles, purpose, and unconditional love for their own families. So it is the farmer and cultivator, that prepares the earth for the seeds to grow and propagate. What a beautiful family we have become because of this farmer's care and nurturing. Job well done! Happy Father's Day, we love you!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Dad, William Ward Heal

June 18, 1919 my dad was born. He would have been 90 years old today. He left this world way too early at age 62. I have been thinking of how much different his life would have been had he lived to see this day.
It was just months after dad died that I married my one true love, and I know he and Ed would have really enjoyed knowing each other. Dad's famous fishing rock at Vivian Park on the Provo river was where they would spend hours getting to know each other, and talk of their many ' fish stories'.
He would be taking not only his two daughters to the annual Provo Rotary 'Daddy Daughter Date' but most likely accompanying several granddaughter's and great granddaughter's, all in their Cinderella attire, to that special event we so looked forward too.
He would have to include a few more dozen eggs and sausage to provide for the many family members he would be cooking for, at our Canyon Glen family breakfasts. And the roaring fire he would build, surely provided the warmth and atmosphere to stage his many life story's, we would be 'all ears' to hearing.
He would be teaching his great grand children the famous 'Heal whistle call'. And tell them how he would whistle, to call his kids to supper or when he wanted them to come home.
He would be enjoying his later years with the love of his life, 63 years still trying their act in singing and harmonizing together. He would be loving the spring rain and beautiful rose garden that his sweet wife tends and cares for.
And it was the little things that he always enjoyed most, the 'one on one' lunch dates with his kids, or a hand written note to someone always expressing his love or appreciation. The simple phone call to say hi and catch up on each of our busy lives.
He would be preparing to go to his 90th birthday party, for which he always looked forward to sharing another family get-together. He would be enjoying the many hours playing and watching his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren pamper him and dote over him.
Yes, there is much he missed in this life, but I bet there isn't an occasion or a moment in each of our lives that goes by, he's not living it along with us!! We, love you Dad, Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We just finished our new project to our yard............our new fire pit. I think between Ed and I we ended up with a masterpiece! We really do our best work together. ya know. His BRAWN and my BRAINS! Anyway we have enjoyed inviting family and friends to enjoy a hot dog or try your art at toasting a marshmallow to create a yummy 'smore'.

Nick, the expert marshmallow toaster
(I taught him everything he knows)

Some one not as skilled, but liked it a little more toasted than most

Jen's enjoying the delicacy!

Caden devouring one he toasted himself.

..........and some, like Conner and Corbin would
rather play on the four wheeler.

Colton and Quinton are taking it all in

No more smore's for you Jeff! Holly, you have a good excuse, you are eating for two!

Allie just likes being snuggled by Grandpa

Ashley says, "just one more"

Chris and Dick ' a laid back moment'

It's times like these we can look back on and say, "we want Sooooommmmoooooooorrrrrre!! And I guarantee you there will be!

Matriarch - Muriel Heal Bywater

Matriarch - Muriel Heal Bywater
(2002) snow party picture of mom NEVER TOO COLD OR TOO OLD TO JOIN IN THE FUN!

Jen and Caden (14 months)

Jen and Caden (14 months)
this is one of my favorite of the earlier snow party's

The Parcell's (Feb 2008)

The Parcell's (Feb 2008)
another one of my favorites!

Ed's Snow Taxi (Jan 2009)

Ed's Snow Taxi (Jan 2009)
"All Aboard" Ed hauls another load up the top of the hill for a sleigh ride down

Colton, McKenzie, Carson, & Caden

Colton, McKenzie, Carson, & Caden
(Dec 2002) soooo cute and then they grow up

Sparky, Jeff and Ellen Johnson Dec 1992

Sparky, Jeff and Ellen Johnson Dec 1992
I love tthis one! I think Sparky loved it as much as anyone.

Jeff Johnson and Sparky

Jeff Johnson and Sparky
(2004) the last snow party Jeff attended, we'll always remember this one especially

Sam, Jessica, & Rocky

Sam, Jessica, & Rocky
(Jan 2009) "the Arizonian's visiting Utah's snow country

Cody and Dick Pearce

Cody and Dick Pearce
"now there's two of a kind" (Jan 2009)